VGmove is the actual working title for an installation that allows users to mix and manipulate video materials by using an interactive glove.

The overall project idea is to create an interactive experience with Brussels related video materials. The whole experience can be controlled by the interavtive peregrine glove which is equipped with our 9DOF sensor. The source for the video materials is the internet – additionally, users can bring in their own videos created by them. After the introduction screen, an automativcally created tag cloud with tags from Brussels allows the user to choose his personal tags on a new screen. Afterwards – as a background process – the relevant video material is transfered to Resolume Avenue. On the last screen the user can mix and manipulate the video materials by using an interactive glove.

For the prototype, we decided to limit the number of tags and possible user interactions with the interactive glove to a minimum. Additionally, the tag clouded will be realized as a subway map giving the user the feeling of travelling through Brussels while choosing his/her tags.