Interface Engineering

COURBE Yohan help us to modifie the explode of our cube because we have a lot of stuff to do, this is a screen shot :

Cube explode

We have calibrate the sensor to processing and we have send OSC messages to Resolume Avenue.

Now we can with the glove :

  • change the opacity (for watching the first or the second video);
  • zooming;
  • rotate x.

We think these 3 things, it’s very cool for a prototype just do a mix with 2 videos, we play sound in processing, each videos is associated to a sound.

Flow Analysis Of Sensor Data

With the implementation of the three sensors and data analysis, we fixed the intervals of values ​​for each axis.

The microprocessor provides us with a steady flow of data as a string. This string is treated to separate the values. For indeed, they are simply delimited by commas. We must therefore recognize which are the gyroscope, accelerometer or magnetometer.

These values ​​studied can be used to start the encoding on Processing, and therefor adapt these values ​​to the requirements for control applications.

All axes are redefining the specific actions in applications. This allows to see that we have a series of combinations of movement, making programming easier for the clarity of the requirements of the final result.

Then for example, to move from one application to another, we can cause an acceleration in the direction of the z-axis. So the subdivision of the different axes allows us to clearly identify the movements, generating actions.

Throughout the programming step of the application on Processing, step by step we will set the axes, allowing the correct application of the program.

Test Session

Today, in the morning we allocated some tasks about what we planned yesterday and we did some tests with Resolume Avenue. Additionally, we connected the sensor to Open Interface to test its functionality. In the afternoon, we made our first tests with the hardware and started the coding for the application. Also, we started the work for our conceptual poster for the final presentation.

We also connected Resolume Avenue with Open Interface and our sensor to test the effect of rotation of the videos around the X-axis. In the tests of the hardware, we tested the received data from the Razor IMU and wrote some processing code for it.

We start the coding for our application and made the preparations for the choice panel of the tags.

Finally we started designing the poster which comprises the relevant aspects of our design concept.