Finalization Of Our Poster

The poster visualizing our concept for the project is finally done. It reflects the way of interaction process. Therefor we had to collect all the data, visualize our processes and corporate our ideas in written words.

For the poster we wanted to spread our idea visually. The color use should reflect two very important parts of our concept: The first one reflects the possible user ineraction, the second one reflects the technical background (which of course the users shoudn’t get in touch in). Overall we tried to homogenize the colors and tried to forward information very clearly structured. Additionally, we want to create a poster that invites users to watch and read – and afterwards to get interested in the project.

First Brainstorming

To introduce and explain our goal of this project, we made a main brainstorming session with all our principle ideas. With the help of our coaches, Tom HEENE and Kenneth LABIAU, we talked about the possibilities and functionality of the final result.

So we had to find a common understanding of the project tools, the project goal and also the final prototype. After all these reflections, we agreed on the same concept: using the interactive glove to mix videos and add music of specific themes, Brussels.

The sources for the videos are personal travel experiences (e.g. monuments, cultural stuff, nightclubs, … ) and videos from the internet (youtube, vimeo, google, … ).

The prototype for our group for the following week will include videos from our own experiences as well as videos from the web. Those videos will be loaded into a video composer software called Resolume Avenue. The user chooses some tags of Brussels and gets directed to a video composition related to the chosen tags. With the ability of the glove, especially the finger/gravity sensors, the user can manipulate the videos (while Resolume runs in the background).

So for conclusion, we want to create a installation wich allows users to create their own Brussels experiences, mixed by themselves.

After all of this, we had to find a name to our project. With several propositions by all the members of the group, we agreed with this name: VGMove. We thought that name was the most significant, including keywords like “visual”, “glove” and “move”; which means that we can move and mix videos by including visual effects, with all the possibilities given by the interactive glove.