Our team combines the experience of five different people from four different universities and/or study courses in the fields of Industrial Engineering Electronics, Industrial Engineering Informatics as well as Media and Interaction Design.

KaHo – Sint Lieven – Belgium
  • Electronics
  • Programming and Coding
  • Likes
LANG Christian
FH JOANNEUM – Graz – Austria
  • Mechanical Engineering Engineer
  • Design User Experience/UX design (information architecture, interaction design, usability engineering, visual design), Graphic Design
  • Electronics, Programming and Coding basic experience in physical computing (Arduino with Pure Data/Processing), PHP, HTML/CSS, AS3, JS
  • Likes typography and type design, wayfinding, photography
ISIB – Brussels – Belgium
  • Electronics Industrial Engineer
  • Electronics, Programming and Coding Implementation of industrial microelectronic components, Arduino, Java SE/EE, microcontroller programming C/C++, Processing, SQL, regulation of industrial automation with Unity Pro (Schneider Electrics), analysis and design of electronic diagram, Cisco router/switch programming.
  • Likes Microelectronic, multimedia interfaces, sciences discovery, automotive engineering, sports, movies and new challenges.
ISIB – Brussels – Belgium
  • Informatics Industrial Engineer
  • Programming and Coding Java SE/EE, Visual Basic, VBA, Processing, Basic, SQL, Python, C, C++, TCL, Android, Qt, FmodEx, OpenCV, OSC, TUIO, XML, CSS/HTML, XSL, Network…
  • Likes Home automation, new technology, science, nanotechnology, image/video processing, all informatics stuffs…
ESTGOH – Coimbra – Portugal
  • Programming and Coding Java, PHP, Javascript/Jquery, XHTML, C, Databases(Mysql,Oracle), PL/SQL, AS3.
  • Likes Programming