On this page, we are going to describe all technology we used to realize the prototype for VGmove.

Peregrine Glove The Peregrine Multi-Sensor Glove is already predefined and takes all the possibilities of a keyboard by simple serial interface and allows over 30 user-programmable touch point actions. To improve the functions of the glove we connected it to a 9DOF Razor IMU.
The combination to the new sensor glove allows us not only to send touch point contacts data but also three-dimensional data with relevant acceleration information.
Razor IMU The 9DOF Razor IMU incorporates four sensors – an single-axis gyro, dual-axis gyro, triple-axis accelerometer, and triple-axis magnetometer to give you the feeling of total control. As described before we integrated this sensor within our multi-sensor glove.

datasheet Electronic Parts
datasheet PS-ITG-3200-00-01.4
datasheet Sensors Magneto HMC5883L-FDS
datasheet ADXL345

To guarantee the interaction between our sensor equiped glove and Resolume Avenue, we used the open source programming language and development environment Processing.
To combine, mix and manipulate all the video materials, we had to use Resolume Avenue. This is a VJ Software that easily allows to improvise your live visual experiences.